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1. RAD@home Astronomy Workshop at International Astronomical Union (IAU) Symposium 375 at Kathmandu, Nepal. Date: 5-9 December 2022. University students from any Nationality can join. Registration Link #RADatIAUsymposium375Nepal

2. RAD@home e-class: Its weekly online and as Image-comment-Text-chat on every Saturday 2-3 pm through Facebook Group. Join Facebook Group of 4800 members

3. #DailyGalaxyRGBC after joining the Facebook group you can follow the announcement/first post and start posting your RGB images and take part in this group discussion from anywhere at anytime you wish. Other members will comment and guide you. Galaxy images to be posted are defined by the date of interaction.

4. #DilSeDiscovery activity is for trained citizen scientists only. Training happens either through #DailyGalaxyRGBC and/or #NIUgalaxyRGBCanalysis during a RAD@home Astronomy Workshop or Discovery Camps. New members are inducted through out the year but via weekly Facebook e-class only (reason image-intensive interaction for multi-wavelength astronomy).

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